Ozone 3 Way Faucet

Toppen Solutions Ozone 3 Way Faucet can save you $1,000 or more a year.  According to a recent article “Eliminate Biofilm from Dental Unit Waterlines Using Ozone”, “ozone isn the strongest commercially available oxidant, it has a disinfection strength 3,000 times that of chlorine.  It destroys all micro organisms, viruses, oocysts, and pyrogens as well as reduces Total Organic Carbon (TOC) by chemical oxidation.”  Independent testing of by the pharmaceutical industry using e-coli based biofilms, showed that a concentration of 2 mg/l was effective at eliminating measurable bacteria and virus.

Ozonated water used in self contained water bottles eliminates bio-film in dental unit waterlines (DUWL's), keeps self-contained water bottles bacteria free, and disinfects without chemicals. Ozone leaves no residual by-products, used for odor control, can eliminate the need to store water, its make in the USA and is environmentally friendly. 


Input Voltage 120VAC - 240VAC

Power Consumption 6W Max

Size (H x W x D) 7.3” x 4.9” x 1.7”

Water Pressure 35 - 70 psi

Water Temperature 40 F - 100 F