Finding Free Money in Your Practice

Imagine yourself walking down the street, when you notice a $20 bill just lying on the ground.  You stroll over, pick it up and immediately look around to see who might have dropped it, or maybe if anyone saw you pick it up.  In either case, the smile on your face says, “this day just got better” as you tuck the bill into your pocket.  It’s pretty awesome finding money you didn’t have to work for.  What if instead of $20 it was $2,000 or maybe $5,000.  WOW, Picture yourself on a Caribbean beach, on a gondola in Venice or giving an expensive gift to your partner.

Introducing Toppen TSV-5

Operating your wet ring vacuum for 8 hours a day is comparative to an open artery hemorrhaging blood all day long.  As you would fix a hemorrhaging artery, take on the responsibility of fixing your hemorrhaging water, sewer and electric operating expenses.