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Toppen Solutions is “THE” resource for all dental water related requirements. Toppen Solutions Ozone systems improve the quality of your office for yourself, your staff and your patients. - Ozone Systems: PureEZ and ActivTapp - Kills bacteria, kills and prevents biofilm growth - Ozone can be used as a surface disinfect - Ozone use will not dry out or affect upholstery, fabrics or surfaces. - TSV-5 Dry Dental Vacuum - 1 - 5 User - Virtually FREE if currently using a wet vacuum system and pay for water. - Reduce overhead while creating redundancy. - Water Treatment Solutions - Point of Use water treatment - Under the sink or before equipment - Point of Entry water treatment - Provide a complete solution for the entire office - Instrument washer and sterilizer solutions


Toppen Translation: Awesome, Top (Swedish)

To Excel, Surpass (German)

Toppen Solutions Ozone 3 Way Faucet

Save more than $1,000 or more annually using ozone for your Dental Unit Water Lines.

  • Ozone is 3,000 more efficient than chlorine
  • Ozone gas penetrates bactirial protective layers killing the bacteria from inside out
  • Not a chemical like iodine sticks or chlorine tablets
  • One Ozone Generating ActivTap 3 Way Faucet services the entire office.


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